Why Heart Health Stories

“We are healed by our stories.”

We become the stories we share.

We make the stories our own before passing them on.

Stories move humanity forward.

Stories keep us alive

From an evolutionary perspective, stories kept our ancestors from harms way.

Stories of where to hunt and where dangers loomed allowed the tribe to grow and prosper.

Stories codify our customs and behavior.

Emotional lives

Stories inform our emotional lives.

Sharing a story allows people to peek into someone’s conscience to see how others think. This can affirm or challenge our own perceptions and beliefs.

Stories can open our minds. They help us become more empathetic and open hearted.

Stories help us grow.


What stories will you tell? What stories will you leave behind? What memories will you make?

Because in the end, only the stories survive.

“We are healed by our stories.” Terre Tempest Williams


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