Overcome Your Fears

“Stories can conquer fear.”

You don’t want to think about it.

You don’t want to relive those crucial seconds when you thought you were going to die. The gasping breath, the crushing pain, the memories hurtling through your mind.

Sometimes it’s too much too think about, too much to bear.

Sometimes it feels like your heart’s about to break.

Worry less

You worry too much.

You don’t allow your body the time and space to heal, and you don’t allow your mind and heart to revive and thrive.

Fear is holding you back. Fear is like a storm rising up from the bottom of your consciousness.

Facing fear

Fear keeps you worrying about the past or worrying about the future.

Fear robs you of the joy of the present, of being alive right now. Of being in the moment.

When you acknowledge your fear, you realise that right now you are okay. Right now, you are still alive, and your body has not failed you.

Facing heart disease

You cannot turn your back on heart disease. You cannot even turn away.

The only way to overcome your fears is to face them head on. This calls for courage and conviction. You must be resolute and true.

Personal stories of overcoming heart disease are a key component of recovery. Real-life stories dissipate your fears and anxieties. There is nothing more profound than a true story from the heart.

Real stories

Stories inspire new possibilities.

And new possibilities stimulate change. You don’t have to repeat past mistakes.

You’re free to change your life any way you want. You’re future is in your hands.

You can start writing a new life story right now.

Write away

Start by writing out your past.

Write out all your fears, all your worries, all those fretful doubts that pester you into the night. Those secret regrets, those bad memories. Write out that quiet panic.

Write it all out. Get your fears out of your mind, down your arms and out your fingers through a keyboard or pen.

Once you see your fears in front of you, you’re free to rewrite them.

You can edit them or delete them any way you like.

You can dissolve your fears away.


Once you let your fears go, you’re free to write a new life story.

You’re free to write the future you want. A future free of worry and anxiety.

A future where fear no longer holds you back.

“Stories can conquer fear. They can make the heart bigger.” Ben Okri