“Can you cough your heart attack away?”

There is no medical evidence to support ‘cough CPR’, which suggests you can help yourself by coughing vigorously if you think you’re having a heart attack and are alone.

According to the British Heart Foundation, the ‘cough CPR’ myth has been circulating the internet, especially on social media sites such as Facebook.

If you come across it, please avoid spreading it any further and consider letting the person who posted it know that there’s no truth in it.

“What should you do if you are having a heart attack?”

If you think you are experiencing heart attack symptoms, call emergency immediately.

They will send an ambulance to transport you to a hospital emergency room as quickly as possible so a doctor can examine and treat you.

While waiting for the ambulance, crush or chew a full-strength aspirin and swallow with a glass of water to prevent further blood clotting.