Add Your Heart Health Story

“Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

Hope makes the present less difficult to bear.

Whatever you’re going through, whatever doubts you have, hope can clear a path. Believing in a better tomorrow allows you to endure the hardships of today with dignity and confidence.

When you add your story of recovery from heart disease to the hundreds of stories here, you help yourself and you help others gain the courage and conviction to change their lives for the better.

Heart Attack

Every nine minutes someone in Australia suffers a heart attack.

Heart disease is Australia’s biggest killer. It kills four times more women than breast cancer.

Heart disease directly affects two out of three Australian families. It’s the most expensive disease treated nationally in Australia. It is the biggest burden on our healthcare system.

Such horrifying (and terrifying) statistics can only be brought to life through real-life personal stories.

We don’t respond to cold-hearted numbers and statistics. We respond to stories that move us.

Your story matters

You may feel embarrassed about your heart condition.

You may blame yourself, or burden yourself with senseless worry. You may feel a range of unsettling and conflicting emotions. Don’t be disheartened.

Be kinder to yourself. Writing out your personal story will help you clear away unwanted thoughts and worries. You’ll feel lighter, healthier, better.

When you add your story, you help save lives.

Starting with your own.

Second chance

You’ve been give a second chance at life.

By adding your story, people like you will find comfort in knowing they’re not alone.

Your story will give them hope.

Write now

Start by focusing on the day that changed your life for ever.

Detail your diagnosis and journey to recovery, how your life has changed and what you feel others should know.

What struggles have you faced? What accomplishments have you made? What unexpected surprises took your breath away?

Heart disease touches all of us. Whether you’re a patient, caregiver, family or friend, you have a story to add.

Be open

Write from the heart. It’s the tiny, personal details that make your story unique.

“Get busy living, or get busy dying.” Stephen King


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